Friday 31 May 2013

Pink Blouse finished - Simplicity 2215

I finished the pink blouse I started last week, this is a record for me, I usually take much longer but the real reason was because I was hoping to get it finished in time for the deadline for the Natural Fabrics Contest on Pattern Review here. This is the first time I have entered a sewing contest, it was fun having a deadline to adhere to as it made me focus my mind to get it finished.

All entries had to be fabric that was natural, I chose 100% cotton, but I could have used silk, wool, linen etc.

This blouse is the first I have made in 20 years! lol I know I said that about the first dress I posted about last year, that was my first dress in 20 years and this is the first blouse in 20 years! I am so glad I still know how to follow the patterns. 

Simplicity Pattern Cynthia Rowley 2215
Cut a size 12 with full bust alteration - more photos in previous post here 
Fabric - 100% Cotton - £5 a metre
Fabric amount required for size 12         1.60 metres  (1yd 3/4)

Also a first for me was attempting a Full Bust Alteration on a blouse, I had read a few blogs where people had said how nerve racking it was to do this for the first time and I can certainly agree as I too was nervous about trying this out. After I moved the bust point and altered the darts I was almost too nervous to cut into the fabric, I would have preferred to make a muslin but time would not allow.

I am so glad I overcame this fear because the blouse fits me perfectly, to say I was thrilled would be an understatement. I wish I had done this years ago as this is probably the best fitting blouse I have ever worn, there is plenty of room in the bust area and it fits nice and neat with no gaping across the bust, I am certainly going to make this blouse again, I love it.

I pre-washed the fabric and then I washed it again after I had completed the garment, I had used a dressmakers pencil for the buttonholes, unfortunately it was not the disappearing pencil so I had to re-wash it  but it was nice to see just how good the fabric was to iron. I find some cottons always look creased but this ironed beautifully.

I have posted lots of photos below so that you can see the inside construction and the details.  

Armholes faced and ready for the buttonhole markings

It is also 20 years since I made a button hole on my machine, I actually had forgotten how to do this, I had to play around with the buttons and then I remembered, it was like it was yesterday!

Until next time
Happy Sewing!


bluenines said...

love the color, great job on the shirt, welcome back to sewing
happy sewing

Kate said...

Gorgeous finish, I'm thinking about going back to making some clothes - haven't made any for about 25 years!

myrica said...

love the color, great job on the shirt,

Kate said...

Your blouse is beautiful - well made, nice style, looks terrific. I cannot imagine altering the bustline so hats off to you. I haven't sewn for myself for years and not sure if I have the confidence to try again.

Solstitches said...

Your blouse is lovely Lynn.
I really like the style and the colour is very pretty.
As with everything else you do it looks just perfect.

Jan said...

You've spurred me on to doing bust alterations. I've always steered away from them for fear of making a mistake. Beautiful fabric. If I may ask where did you buy it from? Beautiful blouse. Congrats on finishing it too.