Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cream blouse

On my cutting table at the moment is this cute little blouse, I am making view B without the ruffle.
I have cut it out and done quite a bit of stitching on this, here is what I have done so far.

 I love these amazing fit patterns as they allow you to alter the pattern to fit your figure, I have quite a full bust but narrow shoulders so I am able to get a really good fit using this pattern. I cut a size 12 and followed for the DD cup size. 
 I did wonder how the pocket would look trying to get a good fit over all the bust fabric but it looks quite nice.  The fabric choice is not my favourite, it is a little too thin for my liking I usually like a crisper cotton that is a little bit thicker but it looks ok. I think I used a quilting weight cotton when I made the pink blouse and that did turn out just perfect.    

 This is the finishing on the inside, I did a zigzag stitch and cut close to the stitching for a neat finish, mmmm, I feel it is now time I bought myself an overlocker.

 I will be putting the sleeves in this over the next few days and then doing the buttonholes, hopefully it should be finished soon and then I will be cutting out a dress pattern, I bought the fabric quite a while ago for a summer dress for this year. 

If you would like to take a peek at my updated craft  room photos you can see them over at my cross stitch blog here.   

Until next time................. happy stitching!

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Christine said...

That's looking lovely. I'll have to check out the amazing fit patterns, I often find I have to cut a different size front compared to the back