Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Cream blouse finished

 I finished the Simplicity blouse today, it is an amazing fit pattern and agree it really is an amazing fit blouse,
it does feel and look  lovely on, no pulling across the bust, perfectly fitted across the back and no peeking at the side where the button closes, it is wonderful! I usually have to make a full bust alteration on a pattern to accomodate my 34DD bust but I did not need to do that with this pattern as it was done for me.
Once I had the buttonholes stitched and the buttons added  I washed and dried it and then gave it a good pressing although I must admit the sleeves were quite fiddly to iron.  

My tailors dummy boo boo. 

When I purchased this tailors dummy the left boob was a bit squashed, so now if I put anything on the dummy it never looks quite right on the left side (looking at the photo) I really should have returned it but did not think it would be as bad as it actually is.  

Can you see what I mean? The blouse fits perfectly on me but not on the lopsided dummy!  
I will post another photo of this blouse when I am wearing it.

I love the detail on the sleeve, it did not call for shoulder pads in the pattern but I decided to add them as I have quite narrow shoulders and need to have the balance of shoulder pads to get the right look. 

I love this pattern so much I am now going to make it in this blue cotton fabric, this is slightly thicker than the cream fabric which is a blessing because I like my cottons to be a bit thicker and crisper for a more structured look. 
I made view B but may do view C next time, I don't usually do frills as I have quite a full bust but I think I will get away with it on this blouse because of the fit, I will see how it appears at the fitting stage.
Until next time, happy stitching!  

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Christine said...

Well done, it came out beautifully