Friday, 6 January 2012

At last - red dress in progress!

I have finally started stitching the red dress (Simplicity Pattern 2588) I told you about in my last post way back in June, better late than never!
I have not been sewing since making my blue dress, however, I get so many compliments  when I wear it I was inspired to get on with sewing the red dress for the summer. 

The above photo is the muslin  I stitched to check out the fit, I bought plenty of this red cotton fabric with the intention of making a muslin to ensure I achieved the perfect fit, I am so glad I did because I had to alter the bust area by adding some fullness and I then decided to use the pleated sleeve instead of the plain one. I have quite narrow shoulders and I therefore needed to give them some width by using the fuller pleated sleeve.

This photo shows the plain sleeve without the pleats.

 I interlined all of the pieces because it really does make a difference to the drape of the fabric.
Close up of the pleated sleeve
 Interlined front bodice

I wil be stitching more of the dress this week,  I promise it won't be months before I post again!

Happy stitching! 


Mouse said...

oooooo well done ...looking lovely :) and so glad won't be months hehehe :0 love mouse xxxx

Christine said...

Looking good. I must do some more dressmaking, I've got piles of fabric

Lindsay said...

Lynn I do wish you blogged more, I find your blogs excellent. I too used to sew and have just come back to it. I am completing my first dress but its very rough and ready compared to your work. I have only just come across interlining but you are clearly a fan. I am also amazed that you are making a muslin for what is on the face of it a simple pattern...I am not criticising just really interested as this would never have occured to me. But I can see the quality of the work from the photos. Perhaps all that cross stitch has given you patience. More please! And if you have time to tell us why as well as how that would be interesting to me. Lindsay